Environment & Safety

  • Waste management and contaminants
  • Sustainability of natural environmental resources
  • Climate change and its environmental impacts 
  • Remote sensing technology
  • Environmental Risk Management
  • Safety Engineering

Electrical and computer engineering

  • Computer ,Smart Communication Software.
  • Intelligent systems and networks and artificial intelligence techniques.
  • Communications, mobile, wireless and optical networks and their security.
  • Automatic control systems.
  • Electric powers and electrons.
  • Power generation systems.

Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

  • Production engineering and development of additional recovery methods
  • Drilling of oil and gas wells and reservoir engineering
  • Polymer engineering and techniques
  • Oil refining and gas operations
  • Chemical and petrochemical operations

Civil Engineering and Architecture

  • Concrete techniques and building materials
  • Road and Survey Engineering
  • Structural Engineering and Foundations
  • Urban planning of cities and urban heritage

Renewable energies and desalination

  • Opportunities and challenges of using renewable energy in Libya
  • Design of hybrid systems
  • Water desalination and treatment technologies
  • Scientific experiments in renewable energy generation

Engineering and Quality Management

  • Design and implementation management
  • Quality management systems
  • Value Engineering
  • Engineering Project Management

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

  • Modeling and design in operations
  • HVAC systems and energy production
  • Production processes, welding techniques and heat treatment
  • Use of nanotechnologies in engineering fields